Expertise and dependable quality combined into one powerful experience.

Deman Sprout Harvester on a field

Deman’s mission is as clear as can be; producing potent, high-performing and low-maintenance Brussels Sprouts Harvesters that you can rely on.

Deman Sprout Harvester on a field - rear view

Our products

From our headquarters in Passendale, Belgium, our solution-oriented staff is devoted to delivering nothing but the best for our clients. 

We can draw on years of experience of manufacturing Brussels Sprouts harvesters and sorting installations of the highest quality. 

Deman Sprout Harvester on a field - sideview with mill and farms in background

About Deman

Deman is a family-owned company, specialized in the design and construction of harvesters for the agricultural industry. How we get things done? Simple, through hard work and quality manufacturing. Solving practical problems by providing state-of-the-art solutions. 
All in a day’s work.