ZP2: Self-driving sprout harvester II-row

The ZP2 sprout harvester is equipped with two picking elements. The self-propelled machine is able to harvest two rows of sprouts at once, guaranteeing an efficient harvest. Two people sit at the back of the machine and sort the harvested sprout canes.

ZP2: Self-driving sprout harvester II-row - harvesting on field

Comfortably productive

The cabin of the harvester offers every conceivable comfort to enable you to cope with long harvesting days. The bright 220 ACV lights allow you to maintain focus and keep productivity at a high level.

Driving made easy

Take control or rely on your Deman harvester. Choose between autopilot or manual control, using two joysticks. The dependable autopilot feature does not see curves as obstacles, ensuring a swift harvest with minimal delay.

Build to last

All components of the Deman plucking system are developed and produced in-house with one goal in mind; providing the best harvesting results in every condition. Each component has been studied in detail to obtain an extremely reliable system. Standardized components are carefully selected and are available worldwide.

Standard configuration

  • Eject rollers
  • Centering Mechanism
  • Storage for personal materials (side doors)
  • Radio with bluetooth
  • Digital Dashboard
  • HMI interface for visualization and settings
  • Fencing system (without quick coupling and legs)
  • 3-channel camera
  • Track chassis S6/30 FL4-1770X (2960-3544)
    • 53 plates of 500 mm
    • Bosh hydromatic-Transmetal Bonfiglioli-Berco chains
  • Iveco diesel engine F36 STAGE V-75 kW at 2200tr 4cylinder 4.5 liter turbo intercooler
  • Heating 4DL Airtronic
  • Weight empty: 9.000 KG
  • Bunker volume: 7.5m³
  • Central lubrication for bearings


  • Row distance between Brussels-sprouts 600mm - 750mm
  • Unloading conveyor belt on bunker
  • Second diesel tank 225l
  • Hydraulic quick couplings for disassembly of picking portion-row work
  • Row work with plate width 600mm

Download the full version of the folder.