GP1: Sprout Picker I-row

A powerful and reliable system that guarantees an efficient harvest in areas smaller than five hectares. Installed at the back of the tractor and powered by the PTO of the farming vehicle, the GP1 is a dependable partner in the harvesting process and a true example of engineering ingenuity.

man sitting in GP1 Self-driving sprout harvester I-row on field harvesing Brussels sprouts

Soft and smooth

The Deman GP1 Sprout Picker harvests the sprouts in a careful manner, guaranteeing unblemished quality with minimal impact damage.

Favourable features

All the necessary features for an efficient harvest:

  • Rollers that remove grit and smaller sprouts.
  • A powerful fan to extract the biggest leaves.
  • Lighting and signalization for transportation on public roads.
  • A covered cabin for extra comfort. 

Elevator mast

Equipped with an ingenious elevator mast system that scoops up loaded crates up to 700 kg. Full crates can be dropped off at the desired place, ideal for fresh market applications. 

Standard configuration

  • Chopper
  • Leaf rollers
  • Centring mechanism
  • Pendulum sawing system
  • Signs for traveling on public roads
  • 3-point carried platform picker, PTO driven
  • Werkverlichting
  • Lift systems for crates


  • Camera
  • Central lubrication
  • Cleaning roller set for the removal of grit and sprouts smaller than 12mm