Our range of harvesters

The ingenious design and the undeniable performance make Deman's sprout harvesters the most reliable partner for sprout harvesting. Power, quality and sturdiness, available in different versions. Discover our range of products and get inspired.

Deman Sprout Harvester on a field - sideview


Each and every sprout harvester is an example of state-of-the-art machinery and represents everything that Deman stands for: reliability, quality and technological excellence.

Since the first sprout harvester, built in 1971, the design has come a long way. After incorporating tractors into the frame and adding tracks, the small stationary device evolved into a powerful self-propelled machine, able to harvest sprouts in the field. An engineering masterpiece that highlights Deman's expertise.

A DEMAN machine owner is characterized by his dedication and his determination. A hard worker, reliable and proud of his profession. A vision that aligns perfectly with our philosophy and our products. Trustworthy, economical and high performing machines that harvest crops in a swift yet gentle manner, providing a new dimension to your production process.