Axial presorting system

The Deman Axial Presorting System, a potent and reliable installation that boosts the sorting process in an efficient manner.

In the first stage of the presorting process, it is determined whether the harvested products are too large or too small, the Deman Axial Presorting System sorts at a high rate and significantly increases the production process.

The speed of the installation can be adjusted by means of a frequency controller on the electric motor. With a maximal capacity of three tons per hour (6500 lb/hour), you can count on a rapid handling of the presorting.

Deman Axial Presorting System

Sizes & speed

  • Sorting sizes axial rollers: 30-45 mm (1.18”-1.77”)
  • Sorting sizes rubber discs: 0-15 mm (0”-0.6”)

Other sizes are available as the axial rollers and the rubber discs can be custom-made to suit your needs.