Three generations of skill and determination

Deman Sprout Harvester on a field - sideview with mill and farms in background

Hard work and humility, it’s a way of life and a mentality that is ingrained in the DNA of the people of Passendale. When Marcel Deman founded his company at the time, it was based precisely on this attitude. A comprehensive philosophy that was passed down from generation to generation.

In 1976, after several years of building the company’s reputation and proficiency, Marcel Deman handed over his business to his son, Leon. By this time, the company could already count on the recognition of numerous customers. Deman continued to grow and the expertise expanded into various specializations.

Over the years the family-owned business has become a renowned name. To this day, Deman is known as the go-to reference in the field of machine building for the agricultural industry, with the sprout harvester as one of their most prominent achievements.

The story of DEMAN is a classic tale of diligence and ambition that plays out across several generations.

A story that continues to unfold with the youngest generation of the Deman family.True to their roots, they too are set out to deliver the same quality as the generations before them.