Optisort colour sorter

The Deman Optisort Colour Sorter, your reliable partner in the sorting process. A high performance machine with low running cost. Easy to operate, long lasting and low in maintenance. An absolute asset for your business.

The compact sorting device is built to withstand harsh circumstances such as moisture and cold and hot temperatures.

Optisort colour sorter in process of sorting Brussels sprouts

Optisort technology

The Deman Optisort technology traces individual objects with the use of top and bottom sensors, LED lighting and colour cameras.

Optisort 750 / 2 x 750

The Optisort (Optisort 750) and the Optisort Double (Optisort 2x750) are stationary sorting units that significantly speed up the sprout picking process. The produce is sorted by size, sprouts that are too large or too small are removed along with the leaves. An optical module scans the sprouts, using camera images and an algorithm to visually determine if it’s a quality product. Bad or rotten products are removed.

The Optisort 750 is reliable, works quickly and is ideally suited for processing large quantities over a short period of time.

Owners of a sprout harvester type ZP1, ZP2, ZP3 and ZP4 can install an Optisort Colour Sorter in the hangar and efficiently sort the sprouts after harvesting. The ZP4-OS has a built-in Optisort module.